Preparing Your Lawn for Winter

With winter rapidly approaching, you are most probably not thinking about the lawn at the moment. Autumn, with its occasional rainfall and cool temperatures, is the best time to prepare the lawn for the upcoming spring.

Many homeowners are of the idea that lawns don’t need to be focused on during the fall because of the slow growth of the grass, but this is wrong. In fact, the opposite is true. During this time, the grass is absorbing moisture, energy, and nutrients as it prepares for the long dormant winter. Grant it some attention now, and you are sure of a lush, green lawn in spring. Here are some tips towards this end.

Don’t Stop Mowing

Continue to mow and water your lawn during this time. As the season nears to a close, you should drop the mower’s blade to the lowest setting for the final two mowing sessions of the year. This will allow more sunlight to get to the crown of your grass, and less leaf turns brown when winter sets in.

Remove Fallen Leaves

It is a boring and tiresome task, but raking off the leaves from the lawn will make the grass grow perfectly. Make sure you rake off the grass immediately they fall. Don’t wait until the grass has formed a thick mat over the lawn before attempting to remove it. The layer of leaves has a potential of suffocating the grass and promoting the breeding of fungal diseases.

One viable alternative of raking the leaves is to use a mower that has a collection bag or vacuum system. You can get these and more at Lawn Mower Lane. This is an effective method if you have a huge yard dotted with many deciduous trees. Regardless of the method, you use to remove the leaves, make sure you do it before the leaves become soggy and start suffocating the grass.

Fix Bare, Bald Spots

Autumn is the best time to fix the bare spots in the lawn. Get lawn repair mixture from the nearest garden shop for this task. This mixture usually contains grass seeds, organic mulch, and a special lawn fertilizer.

Get It On!

It doesn’t take time for you to prepare your lawn for winter. Make sure you have your lawn mower prepped and ready to go before the ice hits. Whatever happens, don’t stop mowing until the weather is unbearable. Remove any fallen leaves and fix bald spots so that you have something to work with when winter ends.