It’s Sheer Beauty Having Robust, Silky Straight Hair

The charm that is in the silky straight hair is something that most of us can’t let go easily. It’s one type of hair that most of us find impressive. The hair is always stylish and appears ordered with a glistening appearance that any girl would like to have. Women with straight hair are considered to be more composed, responsible and professional. The proteins in straight hair tends to be distributed uniformly thus giving the hair a more glossy appearance. Unlike curly hair, cuticles of straight hair lie flat, locked along the hair shaft – this lock up moisture hence making it moist.

While long straight hair trait can be inherited, staying healthy is necessary for raising and maintaining healthy hair. You need to eat healthy, especially foods rich in keratin. Incorporate lots of green vegetables and fruits, proteins, whole grains and dairy products in your diet. Don’t forget to drink much water because it won’t only keep your skin healthy but also your hair robust. Green tea is known to be rich in antioxidants hence taking a glass of it once a day can prove beneficial to the health of your hair.

Stress is also known to impact your hair’s health negatively. It’s therefore necessary to try your best to lead a stress-free life all the time by avoiding stressful situations. Massaging your head is also helpful in improving circulation in the scalp necessary for efficient nourishment of your hair follicles. Exercising on a daily basis helps improve your circulation and general health hence healthier hair. Better still, has a plethora of options to enable you to straighten your hair for that gorgeous look.

Take good care of the hair

To remain straight and gorgeous, your hair needs good care practices. Use a keratin shampoo to wash your hair and dry it by pressing it gently against a towel. After washing your hair at night, divide it into four portions while it’s still somewhat moist. Using a fine-toothed comb, arrange the hair in each of the portions at a time then using bobby pins, fasten the hair in each of the portions tightly at the base. Now when the morning comes, remove the pins and comb the entire hair. This simple maintenance will help your hair to remain straight.

When it comes to combing, straight hair happens to be the easiest hair type to comb and fashion. All you need is an appropriate comb or brush. However, if you opt for a brush, you need to use it carefully to avoid damaging your hair. While straight hair can be combed and styled perfectly when dry, it’s advisable to do the combing and styling while your hair is slightly damp.