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5 Effective Ways to Relieve Yourself of Chronic Back Pain

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5 Effective Ways to Relieve Yourself of Back Pain Fast

Back pain is probably one of the worst pains there is, especially if you deal with chronic back pain. You could take painkillers all day but if you care about your body you realize this isn’t a long-term solution. Before you know it you end up with ulcers in your stomach that force you to stop taking painkillers and the back pain is back in no time.

There are a plethora of other options to get rid of your chronic pain so let’s take a look at a few of these methods to see how effective they are.

Let’s start with infrared heating pads

You probably know that a hot shower does wonders for the pain in your back so it’s only logical that a heating pad, specially fitted for your back, works just as well, and they do! Thanks to it being based on infrared it saves a lot of energy and there is a much smaller chance you end up burning yourself, which is good to know when you use it when going to bed. The infrared heat radiates deeper into your body than regular heat pads so this makes it one of the most natural and effective short-term solutions.

Inversion tables and back traction devices

Both have the same common goal, to straighten your spine as that’s in most cases the source of your problems. The alternative is going to the chiropractor but I can imagine that’s above your pay scale so an inversion table can provide solace. The most important benefit of an inversion table is that it stretches you in such way that it creates more space between the discs in your back, and the relief of pain is the end result of that. The gravity usually works against you but as this apparatus topples you upside down it benefits you instead.

Still not sufficient? Herbs to the rescue

The problem with the above-mentioned methods is that they only work temporarily, when you wake up in the morning after sleeping with a heating pad the pain will be gone for a while, only to return in a few hours,¬† and the same can be said for those stretching machines. Back to the painkillers than? Not necessarily, a solid combination of herbs can help you throughout the day and once you find the magic combination you won’t even remember you deal with this annoying pain. To read more about herbs I suggest you follow this link:¬†, as there are too many to cover in this short post so I’ll pass the pen over to them to educate you what each herb does, what it doesn’t, and how effective it is throughout the day.