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Tips on Trimmer Maintenance

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Making a trimmer purchase is an essential step to your perfect lawn. However, maintaining the trimmer is a long-term measure of success. Both the electric and gas powered trimmers require a draft of steps to maintain durability and output. It’s worth noting that a gas powered trimmer requires extra maintenance measures. Below are few tips on how to run checks on your lawn machines.

Replace cutting lines

At the start of every season, ensure that you change the cutting line. The periodic use of the trimmer makes the line extremely brittle. In both cases, make the swap when the machine is turned off and has cooled down. You can always check the user manual on the breakdown steps as per the specific brand in use. This is also an ideal moment to check if the inner reel teeth are worn out. In such case, ensure that you make a replacement.

Replace spark plugs

Spark plugs facilitate the combustion process of a gas-powered engine. They influence the rate of machine operation, hence, the need for regular seasonal checks. Key pointers to a worn out plug are excessive smoke and noise. When cleaning the plugs check for visible signs of wear and tear in the form of corrosion or damage. Replace worn out plugs immediately for optimal machine operation. To best understand if a trimmer uses a spark plug, you can check on the buying guide here.

Check the oil levels

A two-stroke trimmer requires a mix ratio of fuel to oil in order for the machine to operate. You need to consult your user guide to learn the necessary ratio for the machine in use. A four-stroke engine, on the other hand, tends to have a separate oil tank. Check the oil level periodically with the aid of a dipstick to ensure appropriate levels are met. It’s also crucial to make oil changes as per specifications.

Air filter checks

An air filter prevents dirt and debris from infiltrating the engine. You can either replace the entire filter with a new one or clean up the one in use. Remember that cleaning the filter is not a long-term solution as a new replacement is inevitable. When making a change clean up the surrounding region and seal all covers tightly when done.

Always remember to handle the drive shaft with care. After use try to clean the trimmer and assess any threatening damage. Remember to store the trimmer only after cooling and out of reach from minors.